Past and upcoming exhibitions & awards

2013   Faces of Brewing Competition - 2nd place Ι  European Parliament
2013   Brussel Beer Project Crowed Funding Event  Ι  BBP
2015   Gone Fishing  Ι  Associated Photographer HeadOn International Photo Festival  Ι Sidney 
2015   Bruxelles Environnement  Outdoor Exhibition Ι  Parc Cinquantenaire in Brussels
2016   Forest City Project  Outdoor Exhibition Ι  Esplanade of the European Parliament
2016   Forest City Project  Outdoor Exhibition Ι  Square Meeûs Brussels
2016   Portr:ette Exhibition Ι  Street photography series on Etterbeek Ι  GC De Maalbeek
2017   Portr:ette  Exhibition Ι  Street photography series on Etterbeek Ι  City hall of Etterbeek
2017   Forest City Project, 2nd Ed. Outdoor exhibition  Ι  Esplanade of the European Parliament
2017   Vernissage & Exhibition   Ι  Gallerie Louis VX ( click here for a 3D visit )                                                                 
2018   Siena International Photo Competition  Ι  Remarkable Artwork Award Visual Story Telling                   
2018   KOLGA International Photo Competition Ι  Finalist                                                                
2018   Kuala Lumpur Photography Awards - KLPA Ι  Finalist
2018   London Photo Month  - Shutterhub Open Ι  #SHOPEN18 
2018   International Photo Awards - IPA  Ι  Honorable Mention Deeper Perspective​​​​​​​
2018   Malta International Photo Award Ι  Top 15 winners Story Telling
2018   Tokyo International Foto Awards Ι  Silver Editorial Photo Essay
2019   Forest City Project, 3rd Ed. Fine Art Exhibition  Ι  BOZAR
2019   RHOK Portrait Exhibition  Ι  Africa Museum tervuren
2019   PX3 State of the Word  Ι 1st Place Winner -  Social Documentary
2019   OUT of OFFICE  Ι  Group Exhibition RHoK for FOD Economie
2019   Group exhibition AddoN 2019 Ι HeadOn 2019 Ι Sidney
2019   International Photo Awards - IPA  Ι  2 x Honorable Mention: Fine Art Portrait & People's Portrait  
2019   International Photo Awards - IPA  Ι  Honorable Mention Editorial Current Issues
2019   Now for the Future  - Open Eye Gallery Ι  Liverpool 
2019   Everyday Delight Shutterhub Group Exhibition - Free Space Project  Ι  London 
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